Friday, December 17, 2010

Creating a Calming Home

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be a place where troubles are left at the door and your mind and soul are nurtured and well cared for. To create a calming environment, make the following changes in your home:
  • Bring in the outdoors. Live green plants, fresh-cut cut flowers, or blooming bulbs are a great way to bring life and nature in.  Add some decorative pieces of wood, large or small rocks, and other organic earth elements that create a feeling of being surrounded by nature.
  • Paint your rooms to create certain moods. Cool colors such as blue and green promote a relaxed feeling and may be good choices for bedrooms. Warm colors such as maroon, coral, or burgundy suggest a cozy environment and encourage an inviting and welcome feeling.  These colors are good in family rooms and dining rooms.
  • Surround yourself with items for all five senses. Have a variety of artwork adorning your walls and rooms - sculptures, paintings, or dried arrangements.  Add texture to rugs, curtains, wall hangings - smooth, rough, and soft.  Burn candles or essential oils to add aromas to your home. Peaceful sounds such as running water, soft music, or chimes induce a calming sensation in which you can relax. Add food features like dried cranberries or mixed nuts in shells in wooden bowls set in your dining room or kitchen.  Place slices of lemons, oranges or limes in the bottom of a glass vase filled with fresh cut flowers.
  • Set aside a room or area in your house away from noise and distraction for peace and calm. A place used only for spiritual reflection and meditation. Keep the area dimly lit. Adorn with candles and burning essentials oils.  Try playing a little soft instrumental music. This area would be a good place for colors such as soft earth tones. Try a muted cream to encourage concentration,  and light tan and deep reds for grounding.
  • Clear out all of your clutter. A low-maintenance home with fewer items is refreshing after a busy and hectic day filled with meetings, errands and chores. Fewer items can mean less frustration. If you don't use it, donate it, sell it, or recycle it.  Reduce for peace and happiness.
  • Create an atmosphere of love. Display handmade or meaningful gifts from loved ones, such as the quilt that grandma had made draped over the back of a chair or sofa.  Frame and hang the artwork your children have created.  Photos of family and friends should be placed around your living spaces. Make places for all of your treasured items.
When implementing changes, go slowly, thoroughly, and thoughtfully through each room of your home.  Add your personal touch, be sure the items you choose to decorate with appeal to you.  Remember, your home is your sanctuary.  Bring in the peace and calm.

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