Friday, January 28, 2011

About Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a person's sense of personal value or self-worth.  It also involves how people define themselves, which in turn influences their motivaions, attitudes and behaviors throughout life.

Healthy self-esteem is important for emotional well-being, and it is helpful in realizing life.

A Healthy Self-Esteem Involves:
. People that believe in themselves and have a positive outlook in life are also more likely to have healthy self-esteem and generally tend be happier.
* Trust. Confidence and faith in oneself as well as others.
* Self Nurturing. Learning how to take care of others as well as oneself.
* Autonomy. Self-determination and independence.
* Identity. An individual’s sense of self.
* Intimacy. The ability to relate closely to others.
If an individual is unable to develop these or loses sight of them, low self-esteem can result. How people feel about themselves can be related to various factors, including the environment, body image, personal and social expectations and experiences.

Low self-esteem can be damaging because it can affect a person’s body, mind and spirit.

Self-acceptance is crucial for developing a healthy self-esteem
Tips for Boosting Self-Esteem:
* Identify your positive attributes
* Recognize areas in which you excel
* Do not measure yourself using other people’s standards
* Take risks in order to succeed
* Learn to set realistic goals
* Develop a support system of friends and relatives
* Focus on accomplishments and don’t dwell on failures

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