Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Key to Affordable Health Care

There is a new cutting edge therapy that lowers the risk of developing the most common and deadly chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease) by up to 80 percent.

This innovative therapy is called “taking care of yourself.“ It involves things such as not smoking, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet of whole foods, sleeping enough, getting sun exposure, reducing stress, and maintaining a healthy weight.

These items are all things that can fit into your normal daily routine. The key to affordable healthcare is disease PREVENTION, not treatment.

What is needed is personal involvement -- YOUR personal involvement -- in the form of commitment to your own health.

With the misconception that healthcare is something people must go out and get by relying on others to make decisions for them, many people claim they can’t afford preventive care. But actually, the question should be: Can you really afford NOT to?

Do not accept disease as part of the aging process. It is not and does not need to be present. If you carefully follow some basic health principles,
  • Do not smoke
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Eat whole foods in their natural state
  • Get enough restful sleep
  • Increase your exposure to the sun to ensure adequate amounts of vitamin D3
  • Reduce your stressors
  • Maintain a healthy weight
By committing to a healthy lifestyle, you are building a healthy mind and body, and thereby safeguarding yourself against a multitude of health problems and serious diseases.
you will drastically reduce your need for conventional medical care. Here are the basics (again):