Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When Did You Decide to Put Yourself Last?

You feel exhausted, washed out and empty.  You've got nothing more to give.  You're waiting, hoping and praying for someone to whisk you away on a holiday, a very long holiday.

You are about to discover the ultimate rejuvenation formula to change your energy levels and
well being forever.

Imagine how amazing you are going to feel within as little as one week. There will be no more wishing, hoping and waiting, and no more putting yourself last.

Priority You Time Shouldn’t Happen By Accident : Promise yourself from this day forward not to let “priority you” time happen only by accident. Make a wise rejuvenation choice from this day forward to create daily, weekly and monthly “priority you” time. Take a stand. You deserve some time out, you deserve some fun, you deserve some space, your deserve some pampering and you deserve regular moments to rest, repair and rejuvenate yourself.

Stop putting yourself last. It’s time to start receiving more energy in than you are giving out.

The Priority “You Time” Formula:Go grab your diary now and allocate the following priority you times into your calendar.
  • 1/2 an hour a day plus
  • 1/2 day a week plus
  • 1 day a month
Priority You Time Is All About Receiving:Priority you time is all about receiving and NOT giving energy. Put yourself first and:
  • make your heart sing
  • refuel your energy levels
  • untangle your stress and tension held in your body
Even if you have absolutely no idea at this point what to fill your priority you time with …… it doesn’t matter. Pretend, guess or make it up. Soon life will reveal or remind you what makes your heart sing.

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