Thursday, December 30, 2010

7 Tips to Actually Enjoying Exercise

Is getting and staying in shape something that you have decided for a goal for 2011? Many people that are concerned that they don’t have enough time to exercise. They are only kidding themselves. The real problem is that they don’t like exercising, so it will never be a priority.Here’s some tips to make exercise something you actually want to do:
  1. Make it a Habit. Remove the thinking part of this goal. If you can make exercise a habit, then it becomes that much easier.
  2. Get a Partner. Get someone else to go to the gym with you. Pick someone who is committed to their health. Not only can you socialize with someone while you’re there, but you’ll have a backup in case your motivation alone isn’t enough to drag yourself out there.
  3. Set Goals. Not weight-loss or muscle gain goals, but fitness goals. Set goals to beat your past records in distance ran, push-ups or chin-ups you can do, weight you can lift or degree you can stretch.
  4. Shorter Workouts, More Often. Don’t have time or enthusiasm to last an hour? Just go for twenty or thirty minutes. Shorter workouts can be better than longer ones if the intensity is higher and you become more focused as a result.
  5. Reward Showing Up, Not Weight Loss. Some people have gotten the idea that they should reward themselves for losing weight or gaining muscle. Instead, think of rewards for showing up to the gym and exercising regularly. There are many ways you can lose or gain weight in unhealthy fashions. Rewarding exercise is rewarding your commitment to health.
  6. Make Exercise Your Stress Relief.  Many people that swear by using the gym to relieve stress. Some of them will head to the gym because of a frustrating day even if it isn’t on their schedule. Exercising can be cathartic and release negative feelings if you get used to using it that way. Then instead of avoiding the gym because of a stressful day, it will be your reason to go.
  7. Make Time for Exercise. You can’t say you don’t have time to exercise. Exercise improves your energy levels and mood which makes you more productive than any time lost. Find your forty minutes somewhere in the day and make it a commitment. Get up a bit earlier and go in the morning. Or schedule it right after work before you settle down for the day. Once you make time and make it a habit, you’ll actually want to exercise instead of just feeling you should.

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