Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Focusing on How Far You Have Come

When working toward your goals, take a step back and think of your success in a whole new way. Try looking at how far you’ve come, not how much you have left to do. Look at your cup as half full, not half empty.

Recognizing and acknowledging your progress gives you the encouragement to try again tomorrow, the next day, and the next. Because you becoming aware of what you’re doing right, you have more confidence that you can do it again.

Appreciating the successes that you have made today makes it easier to succeed the next day as well. If it is something that involves a lot of energy and effort over time, it is especially important to keep appreciating how far you’ve come to this point. This will give you the drive to keep on going.

Self-appreciation is very powerful and motivating. It continues to reinforce the behaviors you want to bring into your being. It tells your mind to do more of this good stuff. So, the next time around, you are more likely to make the same good choices toward your goals.

Even if you’ve only made one baby step toward your goals, appreciate yourself for that. Think about what made the one-time success possible for you. Being grateful for everything you’ve done reminds you that you indeed have succeeded at something that you set out to do.

Set your goals, establish your standards, and aim high. Your intentions are limitless.

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