Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changing Eating Habits for Good

Changing the from the way you eat now to a positive eating pattern is a gradual process. To be effective and lasting, changes must be made slowly. Begin changing your eating habits by adding good foods - fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and lean proteins. Slowly remove bad foods - white grains, starches and sugars.

By adding healthy foods first, you become well-fed and well-nourished. Whole foods are packed with nutrients and you become fuller faster and they take longer to digest. This prevents you from becoming hungry soon after you have eaten.

Also, by adding good foods, you create a much more positive attitude toward changing your eating habits. The idea of eliminating foods leaves negative thoughts in our minds. With this change in mindset, over time, the body will react more positively to the healthier foods.

After the adding and eliminating process, it is time to begin to replace the unhealthy foods in your diet with healthier alternatives. Our cravings for food literally become addictions. To help deal with these cravings (or addictions), begin simple replacement techniques.

Ideas include choosing fresh fruits over sugary desserts, whole grain crackers over potato chips, or a homemade all beef or turkey burger over a fast food burger. You can also supply these (and similar) replacements to assist in the level of a craving. Say you want chocolate chip cookies, you could have homemade banana muffins made with wheat flour. It may not be as satisfying, but the level of craving should be reduced.

Start cooking your own meals at home and stay away from boxed, microwavable and frozen meals. Making meals with whole foods may take a bit longer to begin with. But once you have been eating healthier and feeling better, you will realize that the additional time is well worth your efforts.

By changing what you put into your body - adding wholesome, fresh, nutrient dense foods, your body will begin to produce healthier cells and eliminate the toxin-ridden ones that you are currently functioning on. You will begin to build a strong body and mind which will positively effect all areas of your life.

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