Friday, January 7, 2011

Finding Time for Yourself

Quiet moments during the day soothes the soul, settles the inner being, brings out your integrity. Having a time for solitude can be an amazing thing. Here are some ways to find your quiet time and see how getting away from it all can allow your true self to emerge.

Alter your sleeping habits. Try getting up a few minutes earlier than normal to watch the sun rise. If your day is too busy to find time to be alone to have stillness and silence, getting up a bit earlier can be a good solution. If you’re not an early riser, then nighttime can be just as peaceful when everyone else has gone to sleep. Stay up a bit later at night and enjoy the mysteries of the dark.

Get back to nature. Our work stations can be filled with noise, conflict and chaos. To get away from this, get out into nature as much as possible. Perhaps a walk in the park or on the beach, a nature trail hike, or sitting on the banks of a river is just what you need. Pay close attention to everything around you - the sights, the sounds the feeling of the breeze and sun.

Begin to practice mindful meditation. An easy way to start is to close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Notice your breath as it enters your body, and again as it goes out. Focus on the sounds around you. Listen carefully to whatever is going on - the ticking of a clock the sound of traffic or the humming of the refrigerator. Do this for at least one minute and increase over time.

Take time to read. Choose your favorite novel, poetry, inspirational quotes or whatever inspires you for the day. Fill your mind with beautiful and encouraging words to carry with you to keep you focused on greatness and thankfulness for all the world has given you.

Finding time for yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Begin with 10 to 15 minutes daily and try to work up to a couple of hours each week. You will be pleasantly surprised to find your true self emerging and the amazing thoughts, feelings and actions you posses and can share with the world around you.