Monday, January 24, 2011

How Full is Your Bucket?

Tom Rath’s book, “How Full is Your Bucket,” gives insight as to how every-day interactions affect your health, relationships, productivity and longevity. Emotional health contributes to your physical health by helping to determine how a person responds to illness. Your bucket is all about your emotional health.

The Theory:
Everyone has an invisible bucket.  It is constantly being filled or emptied depending on your interactions with others.  You love when your friends, co-workers, family member or strangers fill up your bucket.  But when your bucket is emptied, it hurts.

The Bucket:
There are two ways to fill a bucket.  One is to say and do positive things and fill up someone else's bucket.  The beauty of this is that when you fill up someone else's bucket, you also fill your own bucket.  It's a two-for-one deal.  Positve emotions make you stronger and more optimistic.

The same rules apply for emptying a bucket.  When you empty someone else's bucket, you empty your own at the same time.  Or, you can empty your bucket all by yourself.  Negative self-talk, having a poor body image, and un-healthy habits steal your energy, and can leave you cynical.

Stay Healthy:
Keep your bucket full.  Surround yourself with people who fill up buckets.  Make someone else's day by filling up their bucket.  Filling up an emotional bucket - what a simple way to be healthier.

Think of how good life can be if the only "extra load" you need to carry is a full bucket.  Your full bucket will not only lighten your emotional overload, but produce a healthy and stress free body as well.  What a great tool to use to bring balance to your life and the lives of others. 

Start today.  Start right now.  Make the next interation with the very first person that you see a positive one that will fill their bucket and yours.

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