Friday, January 21, 2011

5 Steps in Reclaiming Your Goals

    Your intentions have been good. Deciding to change yourself, really committing to be a better person in some way, is not a decision arrived at easily. The fact that you’ve decided to make a change means that you’ve taken stock in yourself. You’ve reflected. What if you haven’t met your goals? You are not perfect and all-powerful. Self-change is hard, so it’s not surprising if you don’t get it right the first time. Stop feeling bad and follow these steps:
  1. Tell yourself, "it's okay".  But don't given in and think "it's okay, I don't need to be better."  If changing wasn't so important, why did you decide to do it in the first place?
  2. Congratulate yourself on wanting to be better.  Your decision to be better takes moral courage.
  3. Figure out what went wrong.  Were you too ambitious?  Was your plan to vague?
  4. Form a new plan that is informed by your failure.  For example, if you are the wrong foods because preparing healthy one took too long, find ways to make it less time consuming.
  5. Finally, GET GOING!
Making changes in your lifestyle is difficult.  Learning to forgive yourself is equally as difficult.  Pick yourself up, set your mind on the goals you set out to achieve.  And get your motivation back.  Set backs will happen, but keep focused on the bigger and brighter future you have planned for yourself!

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